VIDEO - Combined hair duo


Anastasia and Diana are two lovely ladies with long hair who loves to grow their hair long, and they love playing with each others hair, showing off how beautiful it is, and inspiring millions!

Diana has long brown beautiful hair, while Anastasia has super long blonde hair which is really unique! Diana is absolutely in love with Anastasia's hair, and she loves the length and texture of it!

They are combining their hair into several hairstyles in this video. The more hair, the more opportunities, There can never be too much hair, and combining their hair, Diana "extends" her hair length while Anastasia gets even thicker hair. Also, the color combination is perfect!

In this video, you will see them doing long hair play and display, long hair covering, long hair combining, long hair brushing, running their fingers through their long hair, long hari swinging and swaying, long hair lifting and dropping, buns and bundrops, braiding and undoing of the braids, pigtails, ponytails and much more!

Please note that this video is show with two cameras so that you can view the video from two different angles. Therefore, the original video length is approximately half of the length stated below.

This video is over 42 minutes in length!
Publication date: 6. July 2020

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