VIDEO - Bundrop and long hair play duo


Both Diana and Anastasia loves very long hair, and they both have very long hair themselves. Not only do they love to do long hair play with their own hair, they also love to do it with each others hair, and since the first RealRapunzels shoot, they have become very good friends, which is so great!

You will definitely see more of them, and they are both amazing to work with!

Diana has long brown hair which suits her very well, and Anastasia has even longer, thicker blonde hair which is absolutely incredible, and Diana is absolutely in love with it as well!
Diana said "Anastasia's hair is magical!". We don't disagree.

In this video, you will see them doing long hair play and display with each others hair, making buns and doing bundrops, long hair twisting, long hair parting, running their fingers through their long hair, making waves (movement) and much more!

Please note that this video is shot with two cameras for two different angles, which is why the original length of the video is approximately half of what's stated below.

This video is over 19 minutes in length!
Publication date: 29. June 2020

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