VIDEO - Anna's healthy hair


Here at RealRapunzels, we don't believe in marketing our products by selling you the idea that the product is better than it is. In other words, we are always 100% honest about everything, because it's only then you as the customer will get the best experience, and that's of cousre how we want to be treated when purchasing digital or physical items as well.

Our long hair content is the best in the world and we are very proud of it, however if there's something you need to know, you will see it here in the description.
That's why we're letting you know right now that this video is not a video containing very long hair. While 99.9% of all our videos focus on very long and extremely long hair, we have some very few videos that focus on a bit shorter hair, but on hair that is still very healthy.
We will of course always focus on very long hair as we are extreme lengths lovers ourself, and normally, we always produce content with only classic length and longer hair, as that is what we define as "long hair".

This video does not focus on long hair, but on the health of the model's hair.
Anna is our brand new model, and she is a beautiful young woman with very healthy hair which has great thickness.
It looks very beautiful, and it would be perfect if she decided to grow her hair much longer as well! Classic length, knee length or floor length, she would rock it, and her hair surely has a lot of potential!

In this video, you will see hair play and display, hair lifting and dropping, hair swinging and swaying, hair brushing, running her fingers through her hair and more!

This video is over 14 minutes in length.
Publication date: 8. September 2020

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