VIDEO - A long hair lady having her hair brushed by Rapunzel


It's finally here! This is our brand new, amazing video from our new shoot with Victoria and Theresa!
They are both amazing ladies with very long blonde hair.
While Theresa's hair is very long, blonde, thick and so beautiful, Victoria's hair is extremely long, and even longer than Theresa's hair.

Both of them have really gorgeous hair which is very inspiring and we love working with them. They are absolutely fantastic, and their personality is amazing as well.
We are proud to have them on our team, and as a part of the RealRapunzels family.

Shot with some of the newest and best camera equipment out there, these videos are without the doubt the highest quality long hair videos in the world, and they can of course be downloaded in 4K!

Watching a woman with long hair having her hair brushed is very beautiful in itself, and when the woman brushing her hair has super long hair like Victoria, everything gets 10 times better!

They both have really soft, heavy hair which is silky and smooth. Even though Victoria's hair is extremely long, it's thick and healthy all the way to the end, and we absolutely felt it in our arms after holding her hair up for some minutes or when making buns, it's an exercise in itself.

This shoot was filled with joy, happiness and a lot of fun, as well as productivity, and of course, a LOT of HAIR!

One of the things that makes this video so calming, beautiful and outstanding is it's simplicity. All you will see in this video is brushing all the time, and it's so beautiful! No pauses, no interruptions, no distractions, just brushing and brushing and brushing of very long blonde hair.

Remember that for every purchase of our videos, we are able to invest more into new shoots like this one, and create more stunning content in extremely high quality.

After purchasing this video, you will be able to download 2 versions of the video. Download the file with the smallest file size, the one in HD.
Only download the 4K video if you have a 4K (or higher) monitor/screen/TV which you would like to play the video on.
The HD video is the same file as the 4K video, and it is shot on the exact same cameras. Since the 4K file is compressed to a HD file, you get 4K - level of detail, and at the same time being in a smaller file size, like a HD video, so in short terms: The best of both worlds.
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This video is over 9 minutes in length.
Publication date: 14. September 2020

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