VIDEO - 100 inches of hair!



Do you like long hair? Do you like perfect hair? Do you like thick hair?


What about ultra long, super perfect and extremely thick hair that weighs more than 2.5 kilograms?

Well, if you're interested in seeing that, look no further! You're looking right at it, and Aliia's hair is extreme in so many ways!


Length, thickness, look, wonderful color, extreme weight and oh, did we mention LENGTH?

Her hair really has it all and it's absolutely dream hair!


She is known for having some of the longest hair in the world, and while there are women out there with longer hair than Aliia, it's very likely that Aliia is the one with the longest and healthiest hair at the same time!

She has been a RealRapunzels model for several years, and working with her is always fantastic! She is a great person, and needless to say, she really LOVES long hair!


Her buns are bigger than the biggest buns you've seen, her hair is longer than you can imagine and no matter what hairstyles she is wearing, it's always the longest hairstyles you have ever seen. Just think about it, as an example she is wearing pigtails in a part of this video. Have you ever seen 250cm. long pigtails before?

Most likely not, and if you have, let us know.


From extreme hair brushing to giant double buns, an enormous single bun, insane bundrop, and so much hair covering that it looks like she is bathing in hair, this video has it all!


She is sitting in a bed in this video, the only challenge when making this video is that her hair is much longer than the big double bed. In other words, her hair is pooling on the floor a lot, but that's just amazing! The longer, while being thick and healthy, the better, right?


There's no doubt about it, this video is for long hair lovers who appreciate extreme hair lengths, but it's not just about the length. Her hair playing and modeling skills are so great that they are through the roof, and her hair is thicker than what is categorized as "extremely thick hair"!


In this video, you will see long hair play and display, long hair lifting and dropping, long hair swinging and swaying, long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, buns and bundrops, pigtails, extreme long hair covering and much more!


Please note that this video is at an extremely low price, as it's with one of the best long hair models in the world, and the RealRapunzels model with the longest hair, Aliia. It's also worth mentioning that the video is over 21 minutes in length which is very long. Super long hair, very long video, can it get any better?


This video is over 21 minutes in length!
Publication date: 18. December 2020

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