WOW, these buns are GIANT buns!
Alena has super thick, floor length hair! Everyone knows her hair is super long, but it is very important to really take a close look at how thick her hair really is, it is almost impossible to have such thick hair, so her hair is very rare, and very beautiful! 
When hair is at a such stunning length as her hair, it often looks thinner because of the length, but you can see that Alena has some real thickness, and it is even thicker than it seems like as well!

This intense thickness and length maes the hair super heavy, and her buns are not only heavy and look great, but they are super HUGE!
They are some of the biggest buns we have ever seen!

In this video, you get to see the whole process where she makes massive buns with a lot of hair, before letting them out again to make a new one, all for your excitement!
She makes several different buns, and of course all of them are so big that even both her hands can´t reach around them!

We almost fainted when we saw the size of her buns, and you will too!

If you like Alena, super long hair, thick hair, buns, or long hair at all, get this video!

This video is a close up video so you can see her hair and buns very detailed.

This video is over 11 minutes in length.

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