VIDEO - Super thick hair and a golden dress


What is the best hair? Very long super thick hair is the best type of hair! :D
Her hair is classic length, and so thick that it´s more than 10-20 normal girls´ hair combined!
She has a LOT of hair!
This really suits her and is so beautiful, every girl dream of having hair this thick!
She loves swinging it, playing with it, feeling the weight of it and showing how extremely massive and long it is!
She is wearing a full length beautiful golden dress in this video which really fits in with the view, place and her hair color.

In this video, you will see long hair play and display, showing thickness, bun, bundrop, braided ponytail, undoing of the braided ponytail, hairshaking and swinging, and a hairknot.

This video is 5 minutes in length.

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