VIDEO - She's got the hair (part 2)


This is part 2 of the "She's got the hair" - series.
Part 1 can be found here:

Huge buns, massive ponytails, super thick braids and overall a super thick, very long and heavy mane of golden brown hair, which you do NOT want to miss seeing at all!

Begum is one of our top models. She has some of the best hair we've ever seen. It's slightly past knee length, but it's not only about the length. Her hair has an intense shine and silkyness as well as a wonderufl color.
Her hair is a perfect definition of looking beautiful and feministic.
She loves her hair just as much as we do and it's not hard to see that she takes good care of her hair + she has good hair genes.
She has been gifted with an amazing mane, and she uses it perfectly to showcase real beauty and to inspire a lot of people!

Our first video with her is "Top quality hair 6", which you can see the preview for here:
That YouTube video has over 2.7 Million views, and it's purely because of her amazing hair and looks!
In other words, there's a LOT of people that loves very long hair!

Now, a year later, we bring you this video, and her hair is even BETTER now!

This video radiates excellence in every way, and she is VERY good at being a long hair model and doing long hair play.
She knows what she's doing 100% !

These videos includes slow motion to see how her mane moves, and you do not want to miss that! The slow motion is pure gold!
50-60% of the video is slow motion, and both the slow motion and normal speed video will blow your mind!

This video starts with an amazing slow motion part where you see her hair blowing in all directions and her hair is literally everywhere!
After that, she braids a monster braid that looks dangerously heavy and thick!
Her hair is so healthy that her braid looks so well, that we almost can say that it is the best braid we have ever seen (we have seen a LOT of good braids!).
After some braid showing, she continues the amazing long hair play and display.
She lifts her hair and let it down in several different ways to show you how heavy, thick and healthy her super long hair is.
Then she is walking towards yuo for a while in slow motion again, and this scene is really spectacular. You get to see her mane in movement, and her beautiful face while she's walking.

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 16. August 2018

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