VIDEO - Classic length hair and a pink outfit


She is one of our newest models, and she is such a beauty!
Young, beautiful, interested in modeling, interested in very long hair, and she has very thick, classic length brunette hair herself.
She does a great job as a long hair model and you can see that she really likes doing it aswell, and loving what you are doing is some of the most important factors, especially in modelling!

In this beautiful video, she is doing a long hair dance, in other words: She is dancing with her hair, making beautiful long hair movements, and it is really a beautiful way of displaying her long beautiful hair.
She is also doing a lot of hairplay, combing with her own fingers, making a very thick braid, undoing the braid brushing her hair, showing the thickness of the hair, a bundrop, and even some side to side headbanging! :D
This is a special clip which has its own character, and you will love it!

This video is over 12 minutes in length.

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