VIDEO - Massive mane (part 2)


This is part 2 of the "Massive mane" - series.
Part 1 can be found here:

Begum, a model no one can every get tired of, we just want more and more and more of her!
Begum's hair is outstanding and really unique!
She's definitely one in 10 millions, or maybe one in 100 millions!

She has super thick, very heavy, super long hair which is very healthy and very straight.
She has such hair which so many girls and women are dreaming about, but because it takes a lot of work to take care of, most people will not realize this dream. Begum on the other side, has realized this dream, and it is a dream to watch her hair too, as it is one of the most beautiful gifts from mother nature!

She is very well aware of how beautful her hair is, and it does not matter which hairstyle she is wearing, people will always notice how extremely long and thick her hair is.
She loves to make very high ponytails (which are still very long), huge buns which makes everyone drop their jaw, and thick, dangerous braids.

In this video, she continues the complete madness of having such hair that you won't believe exists before you really see it, and showing it off in the best possible ways.
Some great, great hairbrushing, flipping her heavy mane over the backside of her shoulder, wrapping it aroun her neck, hair parting, hair covering, 1/4 buns and bundrops and more hair play is what you will see in this video, and you won't regret getting this video for a second!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 28. August 2018

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