VIDEO - Calf length silk


Katerina has enough hair to cover herself completely, almost from top to toe.
She has a LOT of hair to say the least!
Her super healthy, blunt cut and one-length lower calf/ankle length hair is very thick and heavy and grows fast.
She has had beyond floor length hair, but trimmed it because she cares a lot about hair health in addition to hair length, just like us.
Working with her is a dream, and her hair is magical!

She has so much hair! Seeing her do hair play and display in many great ways is of course amazing and almost unbelievable, and sometimes we are thinking to ourselves "is this real life?".

This is an extra long video that showcases her doing long hair play and display, braiding and undoing of the braid, long hair stroking, running her fingers through her hair, light hair pulling, making waves (movement), hair combing, hair brushing, long hair lifting and much more!

The price of this video is still the low price of $9 even though it's over 18 minutes long!

This video is over 18 minutes in length!
Publication date: 9. February 2019

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