VIDEO - Long, silky, high ponytail and pigtails


There has never been more women and girls growing their hair very long in history, than now.
So many are inspired to growing their hair very long and healthy, which is why we aren't seeing women just growing their hair to their waist, but to classic length and MUCH longer as well.
Hair lengths like mid back, waist length and even hip length or tailbone length isn't always considered "long" nowadays, and the term "long hair" refers to a much longer length like classic length or thigh length while the term "very long hair" refers to lengths like knee length to calf length.
Lengths like this would be refered to as "extremely long hair" before, but extremely long hair nowadays simply refers to ankle length, floor length and longer.

Because of social media, YouTube, news sites, RealRapunzels and at last but definitely not least; our models, we are seeing that long hair is being more and more common, while very long hair is also becoming much more common.

5-10 years ago, if you saw someone with classic length hair, even when you saw someone online with classic length hair, you would drop your jaw to the floor due to seeing something so rare.
Today, this is completely normal, and seeing someone with classic length hair is not as mind-blowing as before, but it's still just as beautiful as it has always been and will always be.
To clarify, all this is VERY good, and it shows that this trend is still growing and it's already HUGE!
The fact that RealRapunzels is one of the big main reasons for this is something we are very proud of, and it would never have happened without our amazing models and everyone that supports us, including you!

We meet girls and women today that we first met in 2016. When we met them in 2016, they had waist length hair or hip length, and now today they have thigh length, knee length and even longer, which makes us very proud and happy.

This is truly a huge trend which has come to stay! You also regularly see celebrities like Cardi B., Nicki Minaj and many other celebrities wearing super long hairstyles. Sadly, this is extensions, however, we think it's a positive thing that they showcase super long hairstyles such as knee length hair and longer, and it also inspired other girls and women, especially the ones who are fans of the celebrity, to grow their hair naturally and long although the celebrity is wearing extensions.

All in all, when we started RealRapunzels in 2016, we had a big dream and vision of that millions of people should see us and the beauty of very long hair, and that we together with other factors should start a HUGE trend which is growing your hair super long and healthy.
It seemed like a very distant vision and almost unachievable dream, however, only 4 years later, today it does not seem impossible at all, especially considering we have already achieved big goals, and we continue to make even bigger goals and growing even bigger.

One thing is for sure - the very long hair trend has been a ibt on and off during the history of mankind, but it has never been huge, before NOW!
This trend has come to stay and it will never go away!

We now have two models with the name Mila.
This is the second Mila, with beautiful long dark hair which is more silky and softer than you could imagine.
She is one of those women we described above, which is growing her hair very long and who loves it.
Why stop at thigh length? Well, there's no reason for that, so Mila is of course not stopping there, just like our other Mila.

In this video, you will see her doing long hair play and display, long hair parting, long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, ponytails, pigtails, long hair swinging and swaying and much more!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.
Publication date: 17. February 2020

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