VIDEO - Supersilky blonde in chair 2


She has some of the best, most beautiful, silkiest, straightest, most shiny blonde hair on the world, and then of course; she is our model!
She has allready made some videos for us which is published here, and they became very popular. When people realized how amazing her hair was, everybody had to have the videos!
Her hair is lower thigh length, and in perfect condition. She is growing it to knee length, where she will let it be, in the best condition.
It is perfectly straight, and hair like THIS is extremely rare and unbeliveably beautiful!

She is a great long hair model, and in this video, she is showing you the length, thickness and how extremely silky it is when her fingers glide straight through all of her long hair.
She is combing it with her fingers, brushing it with her cute pink hairbrush, making two braids, undoing the braids and generally a lot of hairplay and hair displaying. 
This is such a video which you have to see to believe how amazing it really is!

This video is over 9 minutes in length.

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