VIDEO - Thigh length hair play and oiling


Perfect hair, perfect video!
She is one of our best models. She knows a lot about very long hair, a lot about haircare, she is a very experienced hair model, she is getting more and more of a celebrity in the long hair world, and she really knows what she is doing.
She will be one of the people that makes the super long hair trend grow so fast!
She has thigh length hair herself, and every time we see her hair, we are stunned.
It is some of the most amazing, beautiful, well maintained hair we have ever seen, and it is very long too!

She often oils her hair to keep it very healthy, and hair care is very important, especially at this length.

This is a great video with very high quality which shows you how she oils her hair, what techniques she uses, and also a lot of hair displaying/hair play.

In this video, she is first brushing her hair out with her hairbrush, and while she is doing this, she is a lso doing a lot of hair play, to show how long, thick, shiny, silky and perfect her hair is, even before the oiling.
Then she is doing some pure hair play and hair displaying before she starts to comb her hair with her own fingers.
She really combs her hair thoroughly with her fingers, both while her hair is loose, and while she holds it in a thick ponytail.
Then she repeats the procedure, hairbrushing, hair play, hair combing, and even more hair play.

Then she starts to oil her hair by applying the oil on her fingers, running them through her scalp and her hair. She starts by applying the oil on the scalp and the hair above the shoulders before she starts to run her fingers through her middle section of the hair (waist area) followed by her running her fingers with oil through all of her hair and the ends of the hair. There is a LOT of hair to oil, and it looks totally outstanding!
After all her hair is soaking wet by all the oil, she is massaging her scalp a little.
This is very important to stimulate higher blood circulation around the roots of the hair, to increase thicker, longer and faster growth.
In the end, she twistes her hair around and around to make a big, heavy bun full of oil that sits on the back of her head.

This is a really good video you really should not miss, this is a must have video :)

This video is over 12 minutes in length and features some beautiful music in addition to the video. Very pleasing and calming to watch.

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