VIDEO - Julia's straight hair


Julia has wonderful straight, very long blonde hair and she loves it very much. We love it as well, and it creates the WOW effect wherever she is.

To protect very long hair, you often have to wear it in a braid, which causes it to be wavy after taking the braid out.

When producing videos, our models often wants to have perfectly straight hair.
What we recommend, is that our models have their hair down for several days before the videoshooting, to make it as straight as possible.
However, as most of our models have very busy and active lifes (which is great!), many of them do not have time to do this all the time.
Therefore, we don't require that any of the models have 100% straight hair, but for those that really want to have 100% straight hair, such as Julia, straightening it might be a solution. Fortunately, this is not done often, and we do NOT in any way recommend straighteners.
Let us remind you that Julia really knows what she's doing (as you can see by her hair), and she always applies heat protection on her hair before using her straightener, she of course does not use the highest temperatures, and she only uses high quality straighteners.
Note: Straightening your hair will damage it over time.

In this video, you will see how Julia gets ready for a video, how she straightens her hair and how she does it very carefully.
This is the longest video we have posted this far, but we still keep it at the normal $9 price because this is very important information and we want a lot of people to be able to purchase this one!

This video is over 35 minutes in length!
Publication date: 8. December 2018

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