VIDEO - Hair heaven


Suzana and Helena are both very professional long hair models.
In fact, they are some of the best long hair models in the world.
Suzana has been a long hair model for longer than RealRapunzels has existed, and she has many years of long hair modeling, hair care and growing her hair very long and super healthy.

Suzana is a perfectionist when it comes to her hair, and she wants to have her hemline blunt cut all the time, which means that she wants to have perfectly healthy hair all the time. This is actually a very positive thing, as it prevents your hair from getting too split, and her hair always looks perfect!

We have had the honor of working with Suzana in our studio for 2-3 days, and we're so proud of having her as our friend, she is really a fantastic person with such great attitude and mindset! Her hair is thick, heavy, long, super shiny and silky.
Having super shiny and silky hair at the same time as having thick hair is not very common, and while she has the type of hair which looks and feels more silky than silk, it can also easily do hair covering, which requires very thick hair.

Suzana is one of the most well known long hair models within our field and she has inspired lot of girls to grow their hair very long.
An example is Nina which is one of her friends, which has been featured in some of our videos together with Suzana. She now has classic length hair.
Another example is Helena, which you can see in this exact video.
She also has classic length hair now, due to being inspired by Suzana, and Helena's hair actually has the same look and color as Suzana's hair, which is fantastic and very rare!
They fit so perfectly together when modeling, and they are both high level long hair models with great skills.

This video has a lot of variation and they are taking turns brushing each others long hair, brushing it in front of their faces, doing long hair covering, doing long hair poses, running their fingers through their own and each others hair, long hair parting, making waves (movement) and more!

There's a reason for why this video is called Hair Heaven, and if you like long hair, you do not want to miss it!

This video is over 12 minutes in length.
Publication date: 5. May 2019

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