PHOTO SET - Siri's hair perfection photoshoot



Siri has a really massive mane! It's very long, thick and so voluminous that calling it a "massive mane" is an understatement!

It's so wonderful, so outstanding, so unique and it suits her perfectly!

Although her hair is very long already, she wants to grow it even longer, and as long as it can stay healthy enough, she wants to grow it to her knees, which is an incredible length, especially when having such a huge amount of hair!


She is an incredible long hair lady, an incredible RealRapunzels model and she loves both her hair and being a RealRapunzels model, which we are very proud of as well.


This photoshoot is taken in one of the best RealRapunzels photo studios, which ensures you the absolute best quality since we always focuses on super long, perfect hair and perfect videos and photos acquired by putting top notch cameras and equipment in the hands of highly skilled photographers and videographers.


This is a big photo set with a LOT of hair and some of the best hair display you have seen on the internet!

You will love it!


In this photo set, you will see long hair display, long hair covering, long hair wrapping, long hair twisting, braid and braid display, long hair in front of her face, long hair posing and much more!


Number of photos: 320
Photo resolution: 20 Megapixel (MP) (5472 x 3648)
The photos are packed into a ZIP-folder which you simply unpack when you have bought and downloaded it.
Available on: Every PC/Mac, phone/smartphone, tablet, smart-TV etc.

Publication date: 20. March 2021

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