PHOTO SET - Running her fingers through knee length hair photoshoot


Victoria has very long blonde hair, which suits her perfectly, and it's growing pretty fast!
It's already at knee length in this photo set, and it's so healthy and wonderful!

If someone with knee length hair can just run their fingers through their hair without getting their fingers stuck or tangled up in the hair, you know the hair is perfectly straight and so silky and soft!
That's exactly how Victoria's hair is, and this photoshoot focuses mainly on her running her fingers through her long hair.

In this photo set, you will see long hair play and display, long hair oiling, running her fingers through her long hair and more!

Number of photos: 68
Photo resolution: 24 Megapixel (MP) (6000 x 4000)
The photos are packed into a ZIP-folder which you simply unpack when you have bought and downloaded it.
Available on: Every PC/Mac, phone/smartphone, tablet, smart-TV etc.

Publication date: 6. October 2020

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