PHOTO SET - Nora in black in nature photoshoot


It's a long time since we've published any photo sets now, and you know we love our photo sets!
If you love our videos and don't have so many photo sets, you should absolutely acquire some photo sets!
Videos are our main focus in RealRapunzels as everything is in motion, and you'll get to see so much happening, especially hair movement!
However, there's something really special about photo sets that you can not do with videos. Actually, there's several special things you can not do with video, which is why it's best to have both videos and photo sets.

1. You can use photos as desktop wallpaper, physical wallpaper, wallpaper on your phone, tablet etc.
2. You can print photos to hang on your wall, print them on mugs.
3. Photos usually have higher resolution.
And so much more!

In this photo set, we're featuring Nora which has long, blonde hair which is very thick and healthy. She takes very good care of it, which is very easy to see at a glance.

For this photoshoot, we were in a beautiful park-like environment with stunning nature.
She is wearing black which makes it very easy to see her long blonde hair due to great color contrast.
The photos are of course shot with professional equipment, by the RealRapunzels team and then edited in Photoshop Camera Raw for the best results.

In this photo set, you will see long hair posing, long hair display, long hair covering, buns and bundrops, long hair in motion and much more!

Number of photos: 92
Photo resolution: 20 Megapixel (MP) (5184 x 3888)
The photos are packed into a ZIP-folder which you simply unpack when you have bought and downloaded it.
Available on: Every PC/Mac, phone/smartphone, tablet, smart-TV etc.

Publication date: 17. July 2020

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