VIDEO - Sara's long braid show


Braids are very beautiful and very practical hairstyles, which keeps your hair out of the way, which is very practical when you have very long hair.
It also protects you hair from damage and from getting stuck.

Sara has very long blonde hair, and when she makes braids, it's amazing to watch her braiding her hair, but her braids also become so beautiful due to the length and thickness of them.

This is the longest RealRapunzels video so far, being over 1 HOUR long!
This is a braid lover's paradise, as you will see her braiding and undoing the braids over and over and over again as well as doing long hair play and display.

If you love long hair in general, this video is an absolute must-have!

This video is over one HOUR in length!
(Approximately 35 + 26 minutes (camera angle 1 + 2)
Publication date: 27. December 2019

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This video is filmed/produced in 4K at very high bitrate, which means very high quality video.
That results in a very big file size. Therefore, we have compressed the video file into a HD video file for you. Because of this, the file size is much smaller, but it still has almost as much level of detail, so you get the best of both worlds - very high quality video and a smaller file size.
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