VIDEO - 11 braids


Mila has perfect, super silky, classic length hair.
She has some of the thickest hair we have ever seen, and it is really impressive!She loves showing it off, how long and thick it is, making different hairstyles for you to enjoy.

Do you love braids? If you do, then this video is a must have!
Over 24 minutes of our beautiful model Mila, braiding 11 braids out of all her hair, swinging them around and making a braided braid, which is amazing to watch (braiding her hair, then making a braid out of the braids).
This is a special video, which Mila really enjoyed making, as it is 100% her own idea!

She starts off by putting a part of her hair into a bun, and even though it is just a part of her hair, the bun is HUGE, now really think about how thick her hair is, it´s outstanding!
She then starts with braiding each braid, starting at the back of her head.

Even though it is 11 braids, each braid is actually pretty thick.

Another great video with our amazing model Mila, and the longest video with Mila so far!

This video is over 24 minutes in length.

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