VIDEO - Mila's hair vs. the camera


These videos have become popular, and Mila is the star that is often associated with this type of video, since she was the first RealRapunzels model doing it.
It's the classic hair on camera video where she does a lot of great long hair play and display, especially long hair lifting and dropping as well as swinging and swaying + bun and bundrops directly on and above the camera to create a cool visual effect.

That's exactly what you will see in this video, for over 30 minutes. 
You will also see hair flipping, and flipping her hair forwards and backwards onto the camera is very well done, considering she is doing it for approximately 30 minutes, and her hair weighs 1 kg.!

This video is over 30 minutes in length!
Publication date: 27. August 2019

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