VIDEO - Superthick hair


WOW, that is a LOT of hair!
She is our new model, and she has some of the thickest hair we have ever seen!
Her hair is in 100% perfect condition, and so unbeliveably thick, and at the same time, it is classic length, so its also very long.
Hair at this length, and at the same time, THIS thickness is extremely rare, and she really knows how to keep her hair helthy and thick, she really has a big passion for it! 
Her hair is also one-length, which means that her hair is just as thick in the ends, as at the neck, that is amazing!

In this video, she is playing with her hair, braiding it, undoing the braid, brushing it with her hairbrush and her fingers, and showing you how long and thick it is!
If you like great hair, and very long, super thick, beautiful healthy hair, you got to get this video, this is a must have video!

This video is not in full HD.
This video is over 8 minutes in length.

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