VIDEO - Bun play


Yet another great video from Suzana and Sladjana!
As you know, Sladjana is a very big fan of Suzana´s amazing hair, and who isn´t?
She has thick, beautiful hair her, and Suzana has even thicker hair, and much longer, which really stands out and looks 100% incredible!
Their hair quality is extremely high, and so is the video quality! You can also see that Sladjana, being one of Suzana´s students, also has really healthy hair because everything Suzana is learning her about long hair and hair care.

In this video, you will see a lot of buns, bundrops and hairplay.
Sladjana and Suzana is making big buns with Suzanas long, very thick hair, and the bund doesn´t stay in long before they release them and does some wonderful bundrops.
You will see hairplay, hairbrushing, hairtwisting, 3 bundrops, and hair swinging.

This video is over 5 minutes in length.

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