VIDEO - Supersilky blonde


This is our newest model, and she is amazing! 
She has outstanding hair, very long, thick, and so healthy, right down to the very ends!
She is an expert at hairplay, and doing hairshows, so this video is nothing else but perfect, in every way!
This is her first video for us, and it is some of our best videos!
Her hair is blonde, straight, and goes all the way down to her lower thighs. Her favourite hair length is knee length, and she is soon at knee length herself.

In this video, she starts of showing her hair, its thickness, its length, and then brushing it a little before she makes a big bun, and then ofcourse, a great bundrop!
She then starts to do both hairplay and hairbrushing, both with her hairbrush, and her fingers, and she displays her hair perfectly, the length, the thickness, the texture, the color.
She is also creating two braid, one which she loosens while standing up, the other one while she sits in a perfect transparent chair, "made for hairvideos"!
This video consist mostly of long hair playing and long hair brushing.
We are looking forward to working much more with our new model! :D

If you like quality hair, great length, quality video, and the best of the best, this video is for you!

This video is over 7 minutes in length, and of high quality!

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