VIDEO - Silvia´s blonde gold


Silvia is our brand new model, with classic length, perfect blonde hair (her hair has just reached classic length).
She is a young, very beautiful lady with some long natural hair that really fits her overall look.
Her hair is just at the beginning when it comes to her long hair journey and she is thinking about growing it much longer, like many of our other RealRapunzels models who has very long hair.

This is our first video with Silvia, and she did very good!
She is outside in a garden, playing with her hair and displaying it for your enjoyment.
Even though this is only her first video, there is no doubt about that she knows exactly how to entertain long hair enthusiasts and lovers, and which hair moves are the best.

Braids and undoing of the braids, long hair play and display, hair parting, hair lifting, running her fingers through her hair, forward hair combing with her fingers, bun and bundrop are some of the thigs you will see in this video, along with much more as well!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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