VIDEO - Violetta by the water [4K] (part 1)


This is the biggest and longest video we've ever made, and it has taken us over 4 days to make it!
We first made the video in one whole part, but then realized we had to split it into three parts since our hosting platform's file upload limit is 10 GB!

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Note: This is video part 1 of 3 of the "Violetta by the water [4K]" video.
This is a VERY big file size, and you must have a stable internet connection to download it. It's not able to download it to a mobile device and you must download it to a hard drive on a computer (PC or Apple Mac).
This video is shot using a spectacular 4K camera with extremely high quality. This is not a normal 4K camera like on a phone or something like that. This is a professional camera which are being used when filming movies, so expect nothing but the best, especially when it comes to video quality in these videos.
We're proud of being able to invest in such equipment and hiring professional videographers, which would not have been possible without you fantastic supporters!

Note: This is a 4K 50fps video with high bitrate, which simply means it's a big and heavy file. We recommend you use a powerful computer (PC or Apple Mac) to view this video. If your computer is slow, you might experience video lag and dropping of frames.

Violetta is one of our newest models, and she is a young, beautiful woman a stunning, thick and long brown mane with great volume.
Her hair fits her perfectly, and it isn't hard to see that she is a true long hair lover and enthusiast.

Long hair is a gift from nature, so in this video, she is sitting in beautiful nature by the water. She does a lot of great hair play, including long hair lifting and dropping, running her fingers through her long hair, ponytails, a donut bun with a braid, long hair brushing and more.

This video is over 23 minutes in length!
Publication date: 24. July 2019

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