VDEO - Blonde beach

Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmkBOYLGHBc

Kateryna, a premium RealRapunzels model, being one of the most popular models, and without a doubt a very beautiful lady.
She is nothing but amazing in this video, as usual. 
When she is in a video, you know that you will get blonde high quality material at its best!
Her hair is thick, healthy and knee length, and she LOVES it!

A beautiful blonde lady on a sunny beach is hard to beat, and there is only one thing who can; A beautiful blonde lady with very long hair!
Kateryna displays natural, perfect beauty in this video, also including some windy hair play, letting the wind blow and play with her knee length silky tresses.
In the beginning, she lets down a big blonde bun, revealing her treasure.
Then she plays a little with it, makes another bun, and then do another bundrop, because who doesn´t love bundrops?
She brushes her hair silky smooth, parts it, runs her fingers through it, braids it, makes a braided bun and more! Totally mesmerizing!

This video is 11 minutes in length.

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