VIDEO - The white sofa


Orysya is a wonderful person, which is just as beautiful on her inside as on her outside, so in other words; VERY beautiful.
Her hair is stunning, and her modeling skills are also outstanding!
She has a lot of experience both with long hair and with modeling, which is a perfect combo.
Her hair length is of course stunning, but what's even more stunning is her hair health and thickness. Just look at her hair, it's insane how beautiful it is!

This is a super beautiful video where she starts by doing some "hidden hair display" with her heavy mane, continued by several types of outstanding hair play, long hair sliding/stroking, hair lifting and dropping, bun and bundrop, handheld ponytails, hair brushing, running her fingers through her hair, hair parting and more!

This video is over 8 minutes in length.
Publication date: 7. March 2019

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