VIDEO - Beyond floor length ultimate hair play


Do you like really long hair? We mean REALLY long hair, she has been in several of our previous videos, and they are all great. Her hair is longer than floor length, which is extremely long.
All that hair creates a LOT of potential and possibilities when it comes to hair show and hair play!
She has much experience with being a long hair model, so this is quality.

This is video with a lot of variation. HD, 3 different sceenes , making a HUGE bun out of all that heavy, thick, superlong hair, bundrops, several braids and undoing of the braids, hair combing, hairbrushing with her fingers, getting her hair combed by a friend, and a lot of generall hair play and displaying her amazing, long hair!
This is the ultimate long hair play video if you love very, very long hair.

This video is over 18 minutes in length.

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