VIDEO - Lianne is perfect!


Lianne´s hair is perfect and so is she!
She is the perfect RealRapunzels model with amazing blonde, nearly knee length hair, and she is a wonderful person with a great attitude and a wonderful smile.

She has some of the silkiest hair we have ever seen, and watching it glide is wonderful and it is such a natural aspect of beauty.

In this perfect video, you will see Lianne´s amazing hair play both from behind, from the side and from the front.
She does perfect hair play, hair brushing, ponytails, buns and bundrop, braid and undoing of the braid, swinging, swaying and shaking of her hair, stroking her fingers through her hair, pigtails, sliding her hair over her chair and much more!

Lianne is using her hair play - chair which is a transparent chair made for hair shows since you can see straight through it.

This video is a premium video which has perfect quality, lighting, hair play and everything we could absolutely ask for.
We are proud to have her as a model and to have made this video with her.

This video is over 15 minutes in length.

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