VIDEO - Sladjana pampering with Suzana


Suzana extremely proffesional when it comes to long hair modelling. She REALLY knows what she is doing. Proffesional cameras, microphones, setting, light, studio, and of course, PERFECT hair!
She and her friend Sladjana loves to play with each others hair, and it looks so beautiful!
Sladjana has very thick hair, and Suzana has very long, superthick and heavy classic length hair which she is now growing to knee length, which is amazing!
These two girls has only one thing in mind when they make a video for us, and that is to create the best long hair video with the best quality that can be produced, and that is exactly what they are accomplishing!

In this premium video, Sladjana is pampering with Suzana´s hair and scalp.
She is doing a lot with her hair, and here are some of the things:
Brushing it with a hairbrush, brushing her own hair while Suzana is combing her hair with her fingers, putting her hair over Suzana´s shoulders so she can brush it for her while Suzana´s hair is over Sladjana´s shoulders, giving her a scalp massage.

This video is a great video, and if you don´t have a video from Suzana yet, this should absolutely be your first one, and if you have videos from her, make sure that this is put into your collection! :)

This video is over 6 minutes in length.

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