VIDEO - It's Christmas


It's Christmas! Or maybe not..
But who cares, we still wanted to show you this amazing long hair video, shot in December 2018.
We have had a lot to do here in RealRapunzels, which is why we have some Christmas videos left, and why should we wait until December 2019, when you can see them now?
Sure, Christmas is a very beautiful time and the Christmas tree in this video is stunning, but you won't even look at the Christmas tree for one single second, since you will be busy looking at how stunning and incredibly beautiful Orysya's healthy, thick long hair is.

She is doing some great hair play and display in front of the Christmas tree, out in public in a shopping mall.
You will also see hair brushing, buns and bundrops, double buns and bundrops, hair parting and much more!
This video is focusing extra much on buns and bundrops, which is so fantastic!

This video is over 12 minutes in length.
Publication date: 1. March 2019

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