VIDEO - Insanely beautiful hair


When we say that this hair is insanely beautiful, we really mean it!
Very healthy, light blonde, thick, super shiny and silky. Just perfect!
This is total dream hair.
So many girls and women dream about having hair like this, it's amazing!

Helle is our brand new Norwegian model. She is very beautiful, and since she has already achieved this hair length and health at such a young age, imagine her hair in some years!

She has taken very good care of her hair, which is very easy to see in the video, and her hair suits her 100% perfectly.

She starts off with a Real-Life Rapunzel braid, which is so, so beautiful! 
Her braid even has pearls in it, this has to be one of the most beautiful braids we've ever seen!

She is wearing all black in this video, which is perfect because of her hair color, and it makes it super easy to see. She is also lit by the beautiful Norwegian afternoon sun which is super beautiful!

She starts by taking out her braid, revealing a thick, healthy and blonde dream mane.

Hair brushing, hair lifting and dropping, ponytails, a lot of hair swinging and swaying, a bun and a bundrop is what comes next before she makes another braid which she takes out again very fast, which showcases her blonde gold again.
A high ponytail and a high braided ponytail is to come, and we love it!
After that, you will see more hair swinging and swaying, long hair flipping, long hair play and display of very high quality, and this is a stunning video with a stunning model, without a doubt!

One thing is for sure, you need this video now, and you do NOT want to miss it!

This video is over 27 minutes in length!
Publication date: 18. October 2019

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