VIDEO - Rapunzel´s balcony 2


As many people have, you have might seen the free video, Rapunzel´s balcony 1, which are linked here:
That video was a very big success, and this is the continuing video.
This time, in another outfit, she is ready for some new amazing hair play!

The weather outside is very nice, and watching her playing with her knee length blonde hair is just amazing when the sun is shining in it.
She is playing with it in many different ways, brushing it, sliding it multiple times over the edge railing and much more!

In this video, you will see outside long hair play and display, long hair brushing, long hair swinging/swaying, long hair posing, long hair stroking/sliding over the railing, handheld ponytails and more!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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