VIDEO - Rapunzel's friend 5


The "Rapunzel's friend" series is one of our most popular series.
It includes two amazing models.
The model in focus is Alena, who loves showing off her beyond floor length hair, which is thicker and heavier than you can believe. It's insanely amazing!
The other model is her friend, which does not have very long hair (yet), but she really loves long hair, and she loves playing with Alena's hair, being a part of RealRapunzels.

This is one of the most playful and funniest series, as Alena and her friend has a LOT of great time being our models.
They are full of energy and they laugh very often, because they are having so much fun being our models. 
We love their amazing energy, and it always makes us super happy to work with them.

In this video, they are showing how much fun you can have with 2 meters of long, super thick hair.
They are doing a lot of great long hair play and display, long hair covering running their fingers through her long hair, long hair smelling, long hair lifting and dropping and much more!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 7. May 2019

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