VIDEO - Rapunzel in the blue sofa


Alena absolutely loves her beautiful long hair, and it's not very hard to see that. We love her hair as well, and we love working with her! She is one of the biggest stars when it comes to long hair modeling, and her hair is not just unbelievably long, but it's extremely thick, healthy, heavy and gorgeous, so it's no wonder why she is one of our most popular models.

She has recently given birth and therefore she has had a very busy period.
She is still a very busy person (and mom!), but she are now squeezing in some time to do one of the things she likes the best; modeling with us!

This is a spceial and fun, yet calming video where she is doing relaxed hair play and hair display, hair wrapping around her face, head and neck, hair smelling, hair lifting, running her fingers through her hair, hair in face and more!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 21. January 2019

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