VIDEO - Shopping mall Rapunzel


Katerina is a wonderful real life Rapunzel with ultra long, super silky and thick, heavy calf length hair. She is getting close to ankle length, and after that, she will reach floor length.
She has already had floor length hair, but she trimmed 20-25 cm. 7-9 inches because hair care and health is just as important as length.
Therefore, she has a blunt cut - one length hemline which looks absolutely stunning.

Everyone knows that very long hair that is classic length hair and longer looks stunning, and when it's extra long, such as knee length hair and longer, it looks even more unique. Combine that with having an ultra healthy mane and hemline, and you have something which is VERY special in a very good way!

She loves her hair and she loves being a RealRapunzels model.
Although she is one of our newest models, it seems like she has been modeling for us for a long time.
One thing is for sure - she is not afraid to be herself at all!
She shows off her beautiful hair in public at the mall, and trust us - her hair takes a LOT of place! We have a lot of respect for her for modeling in full publicity inside this mall, packed with people, having her hair loose without bodyguards.

Enjoy the sight of her hair, as well as the sight of the reactions of the people in the mall seeing her hair. People are really turning their head, to say the least.

You will see extreme hair flipping, hair play and display, buns and bundrops, dancing, jumping, braiding and much more!
Our shopping mall videos are really popular, and when we made this video with Katerina, she really took it to the next level, something you will understand the full meaning of when you see the video.

This video is over 15 minutes in length.
Publication date: 20. January 2019

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