VIDEO - Julia's bench


Julia has perfect hair, and although she is one of our brand new models, she has quickly become one of our top models, which people love so much!
She has very long, super silky blonde hair at perfect condition, and it looks so healthy all the way down to the ends! She is a real Russian Rapunzel and she loves her long hair, which is a big reason why she is growing it much longer of course!

This is a very beautiful video where you will see her sitting on a bench, playing with her super smooth hair, and displaying it in several perfect ways.
If you like to see perfect long hair, here it is! She runs her fingers through her hair, does various ways of hair play and display, hair combing, hair stroking, braiding and undoing of the braids, a high ponytail, buns and bundrops and much more!

Do not miss this one!

This video is over 16 minutes in length!
Publication date: 9. November 2018

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