VIDEO - Vera´s chair


Vera is perfect in so many ways. A fit and healthy body, a beautiful face, and a wonderful mane of thick thigh length hair which is so shiny and silky!
All this shows how you can look when being natural and healthy, and when you have a healthy state of mind!
A fit body, health and mind, who does not want that?
And what about the hair? So many girls and women would do everything to have hair like that!
Vera has absolutely done whatever it takes to get such hair, and what you see is a result of a lot of effort, patience and hair care.

This is a long video (20 minutes), and it includes so much amazing hair play!
Although this video is longer than usual, you will never get tired, and trust us, you will both need and want to sit and watch the whole video through!
It has something different, amazing and with variation through the whole video, and Vera really knows how to do it all!

She starts off with a heavy braid, dropping it from the air, letting it hit the chair so that you can hear the sound of a heavy braid being dropped. Long, heavy hair + gravity = magic!

This braid does not stay very long, and after the 50 second mark, the braid is out and her massive golden mane is revealed, making you drop your jaw.
Her hair is being stroked slowly over the edge of the chair to show it´s silkyness, texture and shinyness, being played with in so many ways, being brushed, then being stroked over the chair again and again and again, both while being loose, and when being in a held ponytail, it´s wrapped around her neck, pulled, combed by her own fingers, swinged and swayed back and forth, from side to side, combed, lifted up and down and many more things that you just have to see for yourself!

This is truly an amazing video from a very, very good model, and you surely don´t want to miss it!

This video is over 20 minutes in length.

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