VIDEO - Real Life Rapunzel


Who fits the role to be a real life Rapunzel? It has to be someone with really long hair, and since Rapunzel is known for her blonde hair, it would be cool if her hair was blonde too. We have just the perfect candidate!
Alena has ankle-floor length blonde hair, and she is a truly stunning and very beautiful real life Rapunzel.
She is a successful businesswoman - a founder of an event / birthday company for children. She has the Rapunzel clothes, Rapunzel hair and Rapunzel smile and attitude. 

She braids her hair just like Rapunzel in this video, and you can't see a difference other than that Alena is even more beautiful.
She does long hair play and display, swinging and swaying, hair play over the edge of the staircase, running her fingers through her hair, braiding and braid styling and more!

This video is over 9 minutes in length.
Publication date: 22. January 2019

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