VIDEO - Two special buns


Siri's hair is very special, in a very good way.
It's very long (and she is of course growing it a lot longer), and VERY thick.
She has some of the most massive hair we've ever seen.
We'll try to describe it - when she walks into the room, there is no way you can keep your eyes off her hair, and you will see her hair no matter where you see, that's how much hair she has, that's how long it is and that's how massive her mane is. It's ultra beautiful and so healthy!

She cares well for her hair, which is easy to see in our videos featuring her.
Making big buns is not difficult at all, with all this amazing hair, and there are so many opportunities with very long and thick hair, you can be so creative!

If you love buns, this video is a MUST have!
Our other model, Nora, first makes a big tower-like bun. Then Siri does an amazing bundrop that you must see.
After this, Nora makes the biggest bun you have ever seen by using a huge donut bun maker in addition to all of Siri's hair.
It's bigger than her head, and it actually looks pretty amazing!

This video is over 9 minutes in length.
Publication date: 21. November 2018

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