VIDEO - Rapunzel´s heavy braid outside


She has floor length hair that is super thick and healthy!
She loves braiding her hair, and braids also protects the hair a lot as well as looking fantastic!
A super long braid is one of her favorite hairstyles and she is really proud of her long braid, and in general, her very long hair.
As you might know from before, she is a woman who has won long hair contests as well as being featured in newspapers.
In other words, she is one of the top models for super long hair in the world!

We made a video with her where she makes a braid and plays with it, but a lot of customers, were requesting a video of just her braid, without making it or taking it out, and of course, they love the last video of her braid too!

This video features only her massive braid, and she is playing with it in so many fantastic ways!
You just HAVE to see her braided bun, it is HUGE!

In this video, you will see: Long braid play and display, braid swinging and swaying, dancing with very long braid, twisting her braid around her body, whipping it from side to side, whipping her braid around, "helicopter braid", huge braided bun and more!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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