VIDEO - Suzana & Sladjana - Long hair friends


Suzana is back, and now with another friend, Sladjana!
They are both amazing girls with amazing, thick, beautiful hair, and Suzanas hair has grown even more, and she is heading for knee length!
Her hair is unbeliveably thick, and it weighs more than 1 kilo, which is a LOT for classic length hair!
Her hair is in the best shape and quality it can get, 100% perfect!
We are so proud to have Suzana as one of our models, and she is very well known in the hair modeling world for being an amazing model!

These videos are of the highest quality, both when it comes to hair quality and video quality, they are filmed in a proffesional studio made for making long hair videos.

In this video, you will see a lot of different hairplay, both by Suzana and by Sladjana playing with Suzanas hair.
Hairflipping, hairswinging/swaying, brushing, combing with fingers, making big buns, sidebuns, bundrops, long hair over face, talking about her hair, ponytails, this video has everything!

This video is over 8 minutes in length.

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