VIDEO - Another Anastasia


This is the second video with our new blonde model, Anastasia, that we are publishing, so just to make everything clear - we now have 3 models with the name: Anastasia, and 1 model with a very similar name: Anastacia.

We are very proud of having so many amazing models, although it can be a bit confusing to some people sometimes.
We now have over 100 (!) models, which is pretty crazy, and if someone would have told us that we were going to be so big, 3 years ago, we would might not have believed it, but we have always had a vision of creating something huge based on our very big passion for very long, healthy hair.

This Anastasia has very long, blonde beautiful hair, and she loves doing long hair modeling and showing off her long beautiful hair as well as inspiring others to grow hair like hers, and even longer.

In this video, she is doing several types of long air play and display, such as hair brushing, hair lifting, running her fingers through her hair, braiding multiple braids and undoing of the braids and more!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 21. January 2019

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