VIDEO - 3 kinds of hairplay


One of our favorite rapunzels, and probably one of your favorite rapunzels too, has made a great video!
She has almost knee length hair (very close) and she loves showing it off, displaying how silky, long and thick it is!
Seeing this hair in action is also mindblowing, and it absolutely makes us think "Is it possible to have such perfect hair?"
Her hair has a perfect blonde color and is also very thick and straigh, her is in 110% perfect condition!

She starts the video with an unbeatable massive, high ponytail which reaches the middle of her thighs, she displays it, show how silky it is, brushes it, strokes her fingers through it, before she takes it out so you can all her hair down!
Then she continues to brush it before she makes a big bun which only stays up some seconds before the heavy bun falls down, revealing her heavy mass of silky, perfect hair, then she does it one more time before she plays a little with her hair.

After this, you get to see hairplay session nr. 2 which includes her sitting in a transparent "hairplay chair".
She glides her fingers through her hair, and she drapes the chair in her hair and strokes it slowly over the edge of the chair until her hair drops down on the seat and in her lap.
This is really showing her perfect, silky, and shiny her hair is in a perfecy way!
You get to see this both from her side and from her back.
She also does some hairplay in the chair.

In part 3 of the video, she is sitting on the floor playing with her hair, and when a girl/woman has thigh length hair or longer, this is really amazing to see because a lot of hair will be pooling on the floor.
In this part, she is swinging her hair, her hair is dancing!
She is also making big buns and bundrops, handheld ponytails, brushing, and combing her hair with her fingers!

This video is 14 minutes in length.

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