VIDEO - Suzana & Helena - Wet and dry


Two new models. Suzana and Helena.
These girls are proffesional long hair models from before, and they really know what they´re doing.
They both have beautiful long hair with exceptional quality and shine!
One thing is for sure, they have thick, long hair and NO split ends! Not a single one!
Suzana has approximately hip-classic length hair, Helena has approximately hip length hair.
Both are brunettes, and they have the exact same hair color!
Their hair are all in one length and blunt cut, therefore the perfect quality.
The new videos that are coming out, the Suzana and Helena series, are shot in a proffesional video studio, therefore, the videos get top quality, for your viewing pleasure!
These girls are frontrunners for the long hair modeling, and you will might see these girls in magazines like Pantene once in the future!
This is a highly recommended premium video, and all the other videos with Suzana and Helena will also have the same quality, only different themes.

In this video, tey spray each others hair with water so that it becomes a little wet, but not completely wet. When you have the amount of hair that they have, you need a big amount of water to make all the hair wet! 
Then they brush each others hair, and play with each others hair until it get dry, and then they brush it and play with it even more.
This is the DEFINITION of long hair play, and how you should do it!

The video is 13 minutes in length.

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