VIDEO - A lot of oil for a lot of hair


Mila has a LOT of hair!
She is very careful with her hair, and her hair care is great. Oiling is a very important part of hair care.
Her hair weighs approximately 1kg. (2.2 pounds) WITHOUT oil, when it is completely dry!
Imagine how much it weighs with this much oil in it. 
Her hair is ultra thick and super healthy, all the way down to the ends, which reaches the mid of her thigs.
She started modeling for us when she had classic length hair, and her hair grows healthy and fast, which is why her hair is getting closer and closer to her goal which is knee length.
Maybe she decides to grow it even longer when it's knee length, who knows?

Mila is an amazing person in addition to having a super-mane, and we love working with her every time!

In this long video, you will see heavy hair oiling / extreme hair oiling, a super thick braid, buns and bundrops, long hair lifting and dropping, oiled hair play and display and much more!

This video is over 20 minutes in length!
Publication date: 26. April 2019

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