Alena, our model with super thick floor length hair is a GODDESS!
She is super pretty and her beauty can not be described.
Her hair, can not be explained either.
She told us the other day, that she is very proud of her hair, she loves her hair, she loves playing with it, and she wants to grow it much longer!

She does not only want to have floor length hair, she wants to have over 250 cm. of long, super thick hair, and she is really looking forward to it, and so are we!
However, the length she has now is super unique, beautiful and amazing, and it is a HUGE achievement!
Her buns are huge braids are massive, ponytails are deadly, and she literally ha so much hair that she is long hair with a lady.
She is a super positive and bright person, and we are so happy to have her on the team! She is that kind of person which is making RealRapunzels big and great!

Now, who else loves her hair? Her friends of course, especially her girlfriends!
They love to play with it, lift it to feel how heavy it is (they can not hold it for long!), and to feel the thickness and silkyness of it!

Note: After requests of scissor play/hair cutting play, we included some of that in this video.
This video therefore includes a scene where her friend is playing with scissors, pretending to cut her hair.
Alena trusts her 100% and she is one of her closest friends, so she of course did not cut her hair, and as you know, she also loves Alena´s hair and she does not want to lose the chance to play with it and to do her hair.
We at RealRapunzels do not like hair cutting, and we do not endorse it in ANY way! This also looked very scary in the video, so this is only for a request!

The only time we support the usage of a scissor near long hair is when a little trimming is needed.

In this video, you will see a lot of differentsuper long, thick hair play by another person, Alena´s friend.
You can see how much hair Alena really have, and how it is for other people to lift it, play with it and more!
Her friend really enjoys playing with her hair in whatever way she wants to as well as you can see she is almost shocked at how much hair it is!

This is a great video, that you just HAVE to have if you like seeing two or more girls/ladies playing with very long hair!

In this video, you will see long hair play and display, two girls playing with super long hair, long hair parting, scissor play and much more!

This video is over 7 minutes in length.

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