VIDEO - The hair table 2


Alena is a fantastic lady with incredible hair. 
She was not satisfied with floor length hair, and decided to let it grow as long as possible, and her hair is already longer than floor length, and it is of course still growing! 
Her hair is very thick as well, so it's very safe to say that she has a huge amount of hair.
With so much hair, you can do amazing things, and the hair play and display you can do, are of a whole nother level.

The table she is using in this video, is way too small to be honest, because of the length of her super long, massive mane.
She completely covers the table with her hair, and it's a very easy match for her.

You will see one of our top models doing high skilled long hair play and display, long hair posing, running her fingers through her hair, covering the table with her hair, long hair stroking, swinging and swaying, half-bun and drop and much more!

A wonderful video with one of the biggest stars within long hair modeling, and you do not want to miss it! 

NOTE: This video does not include sound.

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 25. February 2019

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